Adnan Odeh

We Combine Classic & Modern Arts

Adnan Odeh is an independent palette knife artist currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. his artwork takes you on a journey through the colour and life of the world through his appreciations. By depicting the beauty of colour, landscape and people, Adan’s artwork radiates a sense of joy, meaning and tranquillity. The palette knife technique brings about dramatic and amazing colours and textures that attracts, engages and immerses you within each and every one of his artworks. *There is always beauty in that you don’t see’ – something Adnan has tried to capture and is a view expressed in all his artwork since his first piece 20 years ago. His artwork has been exhibited through magazines such as *Trends”, and also in galleries throughout Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. The launch of the several exhibitions in 2008 and 2009 has allowed art collectors in Melbourne an opportunity to acquaint themselves with his story and his work. Adan has also been commissioned by many to create specific works required for their homes and offices, All Adnan Odeh artworks are originals and not prints. The medium used for all artwork is acrylic on canvas.